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Roadside Park Boat Dock Project Set to Begin September 6th

There is exciting news in St. Albans as construction on the boat dock and ramp at St. Albans Roadside Park begins September 6th. This upgraded boat launch ramp, courtesy dock, and nearby areas, designed by Chapman Technical Group of St. Albans, boasts significant accessibility and convenience improvements from the current one. Upgraded features include an extended boat launch ramp, new courtesy dock, ADA-compliant sidewalk, and parking features, enhancing accessibility and usability for everyone.

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Roadside Park Boat Dock Project

Once completed, the new boat launch ramp will be extended 15ft beyond the current launch ramp with rip rap installed to ensure a smooth transition into the water. A new courtesy dock will feature 70ft of decking accessible by a newly installed ADA-compliant sidewalk. The completed project will add additional parking with more handicap spaces along the lower portion of Roadside Park.

Milton-based construction company, Landcore Builders, has been awarded the project by the State and is expected to complete the work by January 3rd, 2023.

The lower portion of St. Albans Roadside Park will be closed to the public to allow for construction on the Roadside Park Boat Dock Project to be completed.

The long-awaited renovation will be a great addition to St. Albans Roadside Park. The new and improved boat launch ramp, courtesy dock, and nearby areas are sure to be popular with boaters, fishermen, and nature-lovers alike who enjoy spending time on the Kanawha River.

For more information about the project, please contact St. Albans Parks & Recreation superintendent Kevin Pennington at (304) 722-4625.

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