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New Boat Dock at Roadside Park Moving Forward

ST ALBANS WV – The St. Albans Parks & Recreation Department is moving forward with plans to construct a new boat dock along the Kanawha River at Roadside Park.

Today, the department held a bid process meeting with interested companies who are looking to submit bids for the project. The goals of the project, according to the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, are to open bids on May 24th, award the bid around July 18th, and begin work on the new dock shortly thereafter.

This is exciting news for the City of St. Albans and the Parks & Recreation Department, which have been working to improve the riverfront area in recent years. The new dock will provide a much-needed amenity for residents and visitors who enjoy spending time on the Kanawha River.

For more information, please contact the St. Albans Parks & Recreation Department at (304) 722-4265.

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