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Parks Issues Updates on City Park Pool Repairs

The City of St. Albans Parks & Recreation Department has identified the leak at City Park Pool that has forced its recent closure. The leak is located on the return side of the pool in a 10’ line that feeds water into the jet system of the pool. A stainless steel box connects the pipe to the jet system and has busted a weld.

The Parks & Recreation works repairing the leak estimates the leak is causing at least 12k gallons of water per hour. A welding company will be brought in tomorrow morning to fix the broken weld, and once that is completed, they can start treating the pool to get chemical levels back up to normal standards. There is also some concrete repair work that needs to be done.

At this time, their estimated timeline for reopening is next weekend, but they are hopeful to open sooner. Weather conditions could affect their timeline.

The department asks for the public’s continued patience and understanding as they work to repair the pool and get it reopened as soon as possible.

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Questions and comments should be directed to St. Albans City Park & Recreation Department at (304) 722-4625

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