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Car Restoration at St. Albans Roadside Park A Huge Success.

The car playground equipment that has been a fixture at St. Albans Roadside Park in St. Albans since 1948 is back in its original location after a restoration. 

Dubbed the “Dragon Wagon”, this piece of nostalgic playground equipment was more than likely one of the original pieces of playground equipment installed at Roadside Park. Many generations have fond memories of playing on the car.

The City of St. Albans Parks and Recreation Department would like to thank Conomos Industrial Painting and Construction Specialist, William Glenn, Mark Billings, and Neil Harrison for their expert work on the car restore. A special thank you to Levi Glenn for all his hard work. We greatly appreciate your expert work on the car restore and we thank you!!!!

We have included some before and after photos detailing the much-needed repairs and restoration work.

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